Hello, I'm Loren Sheets

I'm a web designer and space enthusiast

Portland, OR

My Resumé

Spaceflight Watch


Space Exploration is my passion. Nothing is more exciting to me than seeing progress made towards becoming a spacefaring civilization. My long-term vision is to play some role in the commercialization of space. I created this site to ensure I never miss a rocket launch livestream, and to aggregate a list of job openings at top companies in the space industry.

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Flippening Watch


Cryptocurrency is the revolutionary money of a digital economy. Bitcoin has been the dominant cryptocurrency since its creation in 2009, but recently some contenders, especially Ethereum, have threatened to dethrone Bitcoin as the largest cryptocurrency by market cap in an event known as "the flippening". I made this website for Poltava Street Co., and it tracks metrics related to the flippening, and has been featured in articles from major news sources including Motherboard, Market Watch, Inc., RT, Bilan, and more.

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Alpha Sound


I'm also an audio engineer for the family business, Alpha Sound. I created this website to feature our live sound events, installations we've done, our extensive client list, and the technology we use.

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